Where to start, where to go

Sometimes a small piece of additional input can make all the difference.

Here, in the German Learning Space, you will get all the information you need to learn German, and you will be guided through the process of understanding, practicing and applying it.

Step 1: Join the German Learning Space by becoming a member of this site.

Step 2: Login with your personal data and get access to all the content in the membership area.

Step 3: First, we will speak about aspects of education, that will not just impact your learning success but make it. You will get a different perspective and learn about factors you may not have taken into consideration. I want to encourage you to try out things you otherwise wouldn’t have.

In the course you are about to watch, there are several concepts, methods and techniques, that will become part of your learning process. So, first of all, watch the video course ‘Educational Coaching’ here. (runtime: approx. 3 hours, language: English)

Step 4: Choose a path to access your study plan: