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Due to changes to the website and the hosting services, the subscription service is no longer available for new customers.

You can now find all my courses on Udemy by following these links:

German Course for Beginners A1/A2

German Grammar Course for Beginners A1

German Vocabulary for Beginners A1 (complementary vocabulary collection for A1 test preparation)

German Grammar elementary to intermediate A2/B1

German Verbs Masterclass A2-B2

Formal German/Business German A2-B2

Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene B2

Educational Coaching: Learn how to learn and stick with it (in English)

Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your membership any time through the cancel subscription link or the support link on your order confirmation. Your subscription will be valid until the end of the subscription period and then you will no longer be charged.

Where can I change my username and password?
Right here: change account data

What you get


  • 400+ videos including explanations in English for lower levels and in German for more advanced learners with optional German and English subtitles
  • Plenty of examples and exercises
  • Lists of terms, vocabulary and phrases including explanations and translations
  • Supporting scripts and additional downloadable exercises
  • Study plans
  • Language coaching & study tips
  • Full video course ‘Educational Coaching’


  • The section ‘Language Coaching & Study Tips’ will provide you with valuable information and advice, so you can study effectively and avoid mistakes that learners often make, while the course ‘Educational Coaching’ will give you a better understanding of the general learning process, components of studying, and concrete learning methods and study techniques.
  • As a beginner, you will be led through the material step by step with a study plan, a full video course and a supporting script. If you have already studied German before, you will also get a study plan and then you can flexibly choose your entry point or go through everything from start to finish to refresh your knowledge and close gaps.


  • Our members-only forum provides a safe space for asking questions around the material or your study routine. There’s also room for suggestions and discussion in English or in German.