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Worst things first

When do you eat your dessert? Before you eat your meal or after? What do enjoy more: first have free time and then work or first work and then have free time? What is more pleasant: walking downhill and then uphill or first uphill and then downhill? I’ll take a wild guess: you have yourContinue reading “Worst things first”


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This is your go-to page for setting up your study routine. Most of the tips are especially tailored around learning German. How do you study articles, cases, prepositions? How do you stop making the same mistakes over and over? What are typical problems that learners of the German language struggle with? Of course, you will also find information on how to work best with the material in the German Learning Space. For more general advice around motivation, goals, the learning process and tips for all areas of learning, check out Educational Coaching.


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