Content Overview

A click on the box will take you right to your study area. The colours mark the approximate level. Yellow for beginner/elementary (A1/A2), red for intermediate (A2/B1), black for higher intermediate (B2), blue for additional areas (all level coaching, forum etc.).

There are some overlaps; most of the red areas are also very suitable for higher levels as they often contain refined vocabulary. C1 requires more concentration on fluidity, vocabulary expansion, subtleties etc. but also as a C1 learner you can cover your bases with the material from other levels.

The marked (*) areas are freely accessable. In order to access all areas, you need to be logged in as a member.

German pronunciation: singular letters, letter pairs and groups, impact of neighbouring vowels and consonants, example words, reference sounds from other languages; language: English

An overview of common grammatical terms used throughout the lessons. They are also explained as they come up in the videos, so you can use this overview to clarify and check back.

Full video course (approx. 3 hours): motivation, goals, responsibility, expectations, 3-phase-structure, how to work with a text, memorization, automatization, obstacles, time management, common mistakes, note for parents

Full beginner’s video course (15-16 hours), all explanations on basic grammar & structure, vocabulary, examples, exercises, scripts, language: English, optional English subtitles for example sentences

Grammar by topic (basics), 46 videos, explanation videos in English, with examples and brief exercises

Grammar by topic (elementary to intermediate), 60 videos, explanation videos in English, with examples and additional exercises (downloadables)

Grammar by topic (higher), 54 videos, explanation videos in German, with optional German and English subtitles, with examples and in-video exercises

Meaning and grammar of verbs: 47 videos on individual verbs, synonyms, homonyms, verbs with similar meaning, verbs in specific context, grammar of German verbs (review) with extension onto higher levels; language: German, with optional German and English subtitles; recommended prior studies: modules 1-3

German for more sophisticated speaking, writing, formal contexts and Business German (telephoning, emailing, presentations), 17 videos, from basics up to contract language; vocabulary building, phrasing, specific grammar points; video presentation in English, German examples with English translations; recommended prior studies: modules 1-3, parallel work on module 4

120+ combinations of verbs and prepositions with example sentences; English translations of verbs and examples included

List of 38 verbs that take on the dative object as a primary (direct) object with example sentences; English translations of verbs and examples included

60+ verbs with examples that can be used in an ‘Infinitv mit zu’ structure, including English translations of verbs and examples

Step-by-step study plan for first time students of German to guide you through the first few weeks and establish a study routine

Study plan for people who have studied German before, a more adaptible, flexible basis for establishing a study routine on different levels from lower to higher

How to study effectively and efficiently: concrete advice for knowing what to study, how exactly and why, when studying the German language, how to get the best results out of your time and effort

German Learning Space forum for members only: specific questions about module content, corrections, Q&A, discussion (English or German)