How to work with podcasts and other audio material

Listening and understanding what you hear is an important part of learning German if you ever want to be able to communicate with others in real-life. A good way to improve your listening skills is to listen but not just randomly. Many learners listen to podcasts regularly and that’s good for getting used to theContinue reading “How to work with podcasts and other audio material”

Can I learn a language like a child?

When working in education you will frequently encounter theories about learning and teaching. Most are based on paradigms like constructivism, cognitivism or behaviorism and from there they go into all kinds of detail about how we learn or how we learn best. This is all very useful, because teachers and learners are often eager toContinue reading “Can I learn a language like a child?”

An unfamiliar way of saying something

Many things we say in German seem quite alien to learners, simply because in their own language they say it differently. What usually happens is that a learner will see the German version and register that it is different. When they use this snippet in speaking or writing, they will have to remind themselves thatContinue reading “An unfamiliar way of saying something”

What is the biggest issue when learning German?

You have already studied German, so you know about the different articles, the existence of cases, adjective declension and word order. Have you ever struggled with any of it? Have you ever wondered why you are struggling? Or have you brushed it off, simply assuming that you are not putting in enough effort? Or maybeContinue reading “What is the biggest issue when learning German?”