The lecture is a treasure chest

When you study German – or any language, in fact – you go through lectures and lessons that cover a certain topic. What learners often miss are the words in between. We tend to concentrate on the subject given to us, so when there’s a lesson about the difference between zahlen and bezahlen, learners usually focus on the difference – because that’s the lesson, obviously.

But there is so much more information. There are example sentences with words you might not have seen before. The word Dienstleistung for example, meaning service, how nice and so very useful. Put it on your list. Put the entire sentence on your list. Or take the sentence: Ich kaufe eine Jacke und an der Kasse bezahle ich die Jacke. An der Kasse – this is really good vocabulary. Everybody goes to the shop, the supermarket, buys stuff, and you pay an der Kasse. Now you know.

Learners tend to overlook words and expressions because they understand them that very moment from the context or from the given translation but they cannot use them later. Try to change that. Try to see everything that you can use. Pay attention to seemingly insignificant details.