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Grammar, vocabulary, study techniques, mindset – learn German and how to learn it best. Wether you are a complete beginner or have studied German before – this is your starting point for an excellent learning experience!

Learners are often aware of what to learn and a bit less of how to learn it. You will find a lot of German language study material from all kinds of sources and they are all about the same thing: what to learn.

Coach Esther’s German Learning Space offers both.

When learning something new, it is of course important to receive and understand information first, but that’s certainly not where it ends. Think about it, if somebody tells you how to drive a car, it doesn’t mean that you can actually drive. And naturally, if I give you a list of words in German and a detailed explanation of the grammar, you still won’t be speaking the language.

What’s most important is bridging the gap between understanding information and applying it. Here, in the German Learning Space, we will combine all those elements: key information, practice and application.

Coach Esther’s German Learning Space is free from level restrictions. You don’t purchase a singular course – you get a learning space across all levels. You can freely choose your material, go back and forth, review and redo, or you can follow a step-by-step curriculum from start to finish.

You choose how you want to proceed, and I will support you.


German from scratch or language improvement: The German Learning Space offers 400+ videos and plenty of text material, scripts, lists, examples and exercises, and great support through language coaching for solving problems that people commonly have when studying German. You will not just get a lot of information in German and about German, you will get a study plan, supporting scripts and valuable tips. Have a look!

A new approach to improving your German

What are most learners of the German language struggling with? Is it the pronunciation? Is it the grammar, the articles, the cases? It is using German correctly despite having learned all that.

In Coach Esther’s German Learning Space you will be provided with the material you need to understand and study, and you will learn how to apply it.

We will focus on sentence building, chunk learning and drill practice, which will make your new knowledge stick. We will turn your theoretical knowledge into practical skill.

Reach your goals

I have designed the German Learning Space for learners who want to understand and speak German beyond a few common textbook phrases.

Giving you the best possible outcome for your time and effort is the goal of my work.

  • – Esther Hartwig, Educational Scientist, Educational Coach & Language Instructor